Andrew Zimmern's Kitchen Adventures
Andrew Zimmern's Fresh Tomatillo-Poblano Sauce
Photo © Madeleine Hill

I am in love with the global pantry, and learning simple ingredients or techniques from other food worlds is something that really thrills me. One small, simple recipe can be built on for years, and provide limitless cooking pleasure. Take these two sauces, red and green salsas from the Southwestern US, familiar to anyone who has ever dined in that part of the world. The first morning I wake up in New Mexico or Arizona I always hit the best diner in town for some eggs, served up Christmas-style, with both red and green salsas. Now, you can use these salsas on the table at any meal, to braise pork, seafood or chicken, to accompany grilled beef, as a sauce for tamales, enchiladas... you name it. All you have to do is make them once and you will be on your way. They will provide a lifetime of inspiration and happiness. Merry Christmas.

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