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Bacon-and-Egg Pizza
Bacon-and-Egg Pizza
© Con Poulos

Do you love Macaulay Culkin, the Velvet Underground, Weird Al-style parody rock and, most importantly, pizza? Then you're probably already listening to the Pizza Underground, Culkin's band dedicated to playing Lou Reed-penned songs that have been tweaked to focus on cheese, toppings and delivery options. "I'm Beginning to See the Light" becomes "I'm Beginning to Eat the Slice." "Femme Fatale" becomes "Pizza Gal." You get the idea. The band's only musical output consists of a 9-minute, lo-fi medley available now on Bandcamp, but the group's Tumblr makes it clear that promotional imagery is in no short supply. This stonerific idea is probably best paired with an equally eccentric pizza, like Jesse Sutton's irresistable bacon-and-scrambled-egg pie.

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