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Winslow’s Home Cookies in St. Louis
Winslow’s Home Cookies in St. Louis
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Good luck browsing F&W's round-up of America's Best Chocolate Chip Cookies without having to run out and buy one or bake a batch this weekend. While each crunchy, crumbly or chewy specimen has certain appeal, the headliner (left) from Winslow’s Home in St. Louis is picture-perfect and strikes an ideal balance of textures. The buttery, shortbread-esque cookie is studded with a combination of Guittard semisweet and bittersweet buttons.

While owner Anne Lipton won't reveal her exact recipe, she does have a few baking tips that might influence your holiday batches: "Consider substituting a portion of the general purpose flour with cake flour," she says. "It does change the texture of the crunch and that's what it's about (for me)." Lipton also recommends chilling the cookie dough overnight and removing trays from the oven a few minutes before they're done. Then, "drop the tray on the counter or floor to break the rise which crunches the edges a bit." There you have it: chocolate chip cookie secrets.

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