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Test Your Cookie Smarts
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For F&W's Cookie Week, here are five questions to test your knowledge of the iconic treat.

1. How many cookies does the average American consume each year?
A. 40
B. 70
C. 190
D. 300

2. Cookies are thought to have originated when and where?
A. 3rd century BC, India
B. 1st century AD, Rome
C. 7th century AD, Persia
D. 9th century AD, Western Africa

3. When did the modern technique of creaming butter and sugar together become popular?
A. 12th century AD
B. 15th century AD
C. 18th century AD
D. 19th century AD

4. On Seinfeld, what type of cookie did Jerry suggest could be used to ease social tensions?
A. Snickerdoodle
B. Peanut-Butter-Chocolate-Chip
C. Black-and-White
D. Oreo

5. Sesame Street's Cookie Monster is credited as the originator of what commonly used exclamation in the context of food?
A. "Om nom nom"
B. "Yum yum"
C. "Yummers"
D. "Sweet!"

Answers: 1—D, 2—C, 3—C, 4—C (clip here), 5—A (watch here).

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