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Andrew Zimmern's Hanukkah Toffee Matzo
Andrew Zimmern's Hanukkah Toffee Matzo
Photo © Madeleine Hill

Hanukkah came earlier this year than any other I can remember. It's good for my wallet that it's a far ways off from Christmas, because we celebrate both in our house, but bad for my waistline that it's on top of Thanksgiving. I offered up potato pancakes and my grandmother's chopped liver for this column in past years, and there are a ton of recipes for the holiday week on but this toffee matzo is very special. Our family friends the Golds shared this recipe with us a few years ago and I haven't stopped making it since. Not easy for a new dish to become a family favorite at holiday time, that's a tough lineup to crack, but this treat is an easy, simple mind-blower that makes for the perfect gift or potluck course. Or do as we do in our house and keep a big tin on hand for when guests come by. GET THE RECIPE >

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