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Andrew Zimmern's Pumpkin Pie
Andrew Zimmern's Pumpkin Pie
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I gotta be honest, I am a traditionalist at Thanksgiving. So after decades of writing and re-writing recipes, the only day I come to a screeching halt is this one. Every other day of the year I am up for a change of pace, something inspired from a trip, another culture, I'm willing to be elastic... but not on this day. So over the years all of my Thanksgiving recipes have been bundled and replicated, but this one is special. It's a killer pumpkin pie that starts with my tart shell pâte brisée recipe. You can make tarts if you like, but I enjoy this combo with a blind baked crust in a pie tin... not a glass or ceramic or stoneware pie pan, but a pie tin. Anyway, this pie is as important to me as a stuffed turkey with pan gravy, and without it my Thanksgiving is not complete and I hope you feel the same way after you make and eat it with your family. Thanksgiving, July 4th and Passover are my favorite holidays because we celebrate our cultures with our families surrounded by something other than gift giving... and lots of great grub. Happy Thanksgiving. GET THE RECIPE >

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