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Jefferson's Chef's Collaboration Whiskey

Coffee, wine, beer, cocktails—if it’s made well and it’s potable, then F&W editors will drink it. Here's what we tried this past week.

Jefferson’s Chef’s Collaboration Whiskey: F&W staff tasted a new bourbon and rye blend made by Jefferson’s Bourbon and former Top Chef contestant Edward Lee. While the duo blended the spirit to be food-friendly, it was also excellent on its own and in a barrel-aged Manhattan.

Fernet & CarpanoTest Kitchen associate editor Justin Chapple stopped by The Heron in Narrowsburg, NY and ordered a Prizefighter cocktail created by chef Paul Nanni. It's made with Fernet Branca, Carpano Antica, lemon juice and fresh mint.

Octoberfest Beers & Australian Gouais: Executive wine editor Ray Isle took a brief break from wine to sample a wide array of Oktoberfest beers like Heavy Seas Beer’s pirate-themed AARGHtoberfest! lager. But then it was right back to the vino with a surprise bottle of Chambers Gouais, an Australian white wine, at a dinner hosted by Talley Vineyards.

Homemade Root Beer: When Tampa’s The Refinery came to New York City, they brought with them a batch of homemade root beer flavored with sarsaparilla, coriander and star anise. Features Assistant Chelsea Morse deemed it, “seriously badass.”

Mead Americano: At Distilled NY, mead isn’t just served by the glass, it is also used in cocktails like the Mead Americano that I, assistant digital editor Justine Sterling, drank. The citrusy, refreshing, house-carbonated cocktail is made with mead, Aperol, gin and grapefruit bitters.

Futuristic Coffee: Features editor Michael Endelman tested out the sleek espresso machine at the new Counter Culture Training Center in Soho.

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