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There’s one word for how my bracket is doing: busted. Just one of my teams made it to the finals (go, Louisville!).

But I found something to keep me going. It’s the 75th anniversary of the Final Four. And I got intel on the favorite pre- and postgame meals of some notable NCAA stars over the years. I’m going to find out if steak and pancakes is a good pregame ritual for the finals, even if you’re just watching.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar; UCLA
Abdul-Jabbar was the NCAA’s Most Outstanding Player in the tournament from 1967-1969 (three times).
Pregame: Steak
Postgame: Any citrus drink, like OJ or lemonade (to refuel)

Christian Laettner; Duke
The Shot. Laettner’s the guy who made the mind-blowing, constantly replayed, buzzer-beating, turnaround jumper in the 1992 finals.
Pregame: Pasta

Grant Hill; Duke
Hill set up Laettner’s dramatic game-winning shot against Kentucky in the 1992 finals with a pass that traveled almost the entire length of the court.
Pregame: Pasta and chicken
Postgame: “A nice steak dinner”

David Thompson; NC State
Thompson, nickname Skywalker, invented the inimitable “alley-oop” pass.
Pregame: Steak and pancakes
Postgame: Pizza

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