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Grilled Wine-Braised Rabbit with Chimichurri

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During the fall of 2009 in Sicily, I had a chance to eat, hang out and get some private instruction from the queen of Sicilian cuisine, Eleonora Consoli. She is a force of nature and a champion of Sicilian melting pot cuisine. Her stunning villa in the shadow of Mount Etna is filled with lemon trees, herb pots, a collection of copper dessert molds, cassata forms (pans) and the types of photos in silver frames that are jaw dropping (El, is that you with Onassis and Jackie?). She is a feisty and strong-minded lady and things are done her way in her kitchen.

I soaked up all the knowledge I could in the two days I spent with her. She taught me to make several superb dishes, but this rabbit dish was the heart-stopper. The chocolate finish brings it all together. But as we went for seconds that night in her home she put a small pot of herb sauce on the table, and without thinking I slathered it on my rabbit. Wow! It was a whole new direction and another layer of flavor that in less-skilled hands would simply mean confusion and obfuscation. We got distracted and I forgot to ask about the sauce, but I recall its essence and frankly, it was so indistinguishable from chimichurri that I have simply called it that.

I serve this at home as the centerpiece of a dinner, but it travels well and is my favorite rabbit dish to bring to a potluck.

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