Taste Test Tuesday

While it’s easy to make a homemade dip, the right dry mix can expedite summer party prep. F&W staff sampled a variety of supermarket offerings, but found many of them to be too salty, too bland, or too processed-tasting. Two products earned top marks and feature the classic flavors our editors crave.



Best Onion Dip: Lipton Recipe Secrets Onion, $2.29 for 2 oz of mix

“Classic! #1.” “My fave of the bunch, like French onion soup.” “Junky but good.” “Boullionish.” “This would be better with extra sour cream.” “Salty, strong—I like!” “Mmm!” “This one has the most flavor.”



Dip taste test



Best Ranch Dip: Hidden Valley Ranch Dip Mix, $1.59 for 1 oz of mix

“Tastes how dip should.” “Flavor isn't super distinct, just ranchy! Solid dip: #1.” “Yum, pretty good.” “Tasty enough” “Classic: milky, nice salt level.” “My favorite.”






Simply Organic French Onion Dip Mix, $1.26 for 1.1 oz of mix

“So fake onion-y but good.” “Lot's of onion! Good.” “Sweet, ok.” “Neutral on this.”




Simply Organic Spinach Dip Mix, $1.26 for 1.1 oz of mix

“Seaweedy/green tasting.” “Very herbal tea tasting.” “Mild, too sweet, doesn't taste fresh.” “Up in the air on this one. Has dried herb flavor”

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Lipton Recipe Secrets Vegetable , $2.29 for 2 oz of mix

“I like the vegetables here.” “ Not much flavor beyond sour cream. Looks nice though.” “Lighter flavor. OK.” “Tastes like dried soup and sour cream.”

MAKE THIS INSTEAD: Herbed Crème Fraîche Dip

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