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New Southeast Asian Pantry

© Tomi Omololu-Lange (Peppercorns), Seth Smoot (Jerky, Jam)

American chefs have become fixated on southeast Asia, traveling to countries like Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia and bringing home the sweet, sour, salty, spicy (and sometimes funky) flavors. Here, three delicious ingredients to look for.

Floral Pepper
Cambodia’s distinctive Kampot pepper was nearly wiped out by the Khmer Rouge but is now making a comeback. From $6.50 for 2.5 oz;

Smoked Jerky
Little Red Dot Kitchen’s Singaporean wood-smoked jerkys are great in stir-fries or as sweet-and-salty snacks. $12.50 for 8 oz;

Coconut Jam
California-based Hey Boo makes a version of Indonesia’s sticky coconut spread known as srikaya to use on toast. $11 for 9 oz;

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