The Daily Feast by Esther Rose Graber. Photo © Good Books.

The Daily Feast by Esther Rose Graber.
Photo © Good Books.

The Daily Feast by Esther Rose Graber is unlike most books that cross my desk at F&W. It's not by any of the cooks du jour—celebrity chefs (with or without a ghost writer), urban farmers, hunters or highly successful bloggers—but by seven women who love to cook: a mother, five daughters and one daughter-in-law, all with Pennsylvania Mennonite and Amish roots. The photos are casual, not studied. My expectations were, I'm now slightly embarrassed to say, not high, but I was delighted when I opened the book and felt my world expand. These incredible women have lived and traveled everywhere—Italy, Spain, England, Germany, Cambodia, China, the Dominican Republic, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Indonesia, New Zealand, Mexico. And wherever they've lived, they've learned do-able, interesting recipes that can be made here in the US with accessible supermarket ingredients. Each woman has her own chapter, divided into three menus: Favorite Soup Supper, Favorite Family Supper, Favorite Guest Dinner. Then comes a series of great international menus. I've made a long list of recipes I want to try, including Minnie's Classic Chicken and Potato Curry, Sticky Date Cake with Caramel, Turkish Ottoman Rice Casserole, Mom's Granola. And humble pie.

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