Tony Maws of Craigie on Main, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, was last in L.A. as a kid. Now he wants to go back and eat sushi and sashimi around the city.

N Naka Sushi

n/naka © Zen Sekizawa

Here, his top picks for Los Angeles sushi:

Sushi Katsu-Ya
“Katsuya Uechi is the original master sushi chef. He has 13 restaurants now, but I’d check out the original, Katsu-Ya, for his famous spicy tuna on a crispy rice cake.”

Sushi Zo
“I’d go to L.A. just to eat here. The chef, Keizo Seki, serves minimally adorned fish and makes his own soy sauce. I’ve never been to Japan, but reading about places like this inspired me to put a raw-fish dish on my own menu.” 310-842-3977.

“This new place is more of a kaiseki spot—some of its multicourse menus are vegetarian—but the fish sounds so cool. Chef Niki Nakayama has a modern sashimi course, kanpachi [amberjack] with pickled burdock ‘snow.’”

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