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Spinach-and-Grape-Leaf Pie

Justin Chapple

Occasionally, F&W’s Test Kitchen gets a recipe so out of the ordinary that we anxiously await the results in hopes that the dish will be as exciting and delicious as it sounds. The perfect example is this spinach-and-grape-leaf pie. We sautéed spinach and briny grape leaves with onions and garlic before tossing the mixture with creamy ricotta, nutty Parmigiano-Reggiano, fresh mint and lemon juice. The surprisingly light—and bright—tasting filling is layered in a decadent all-butter crust and studded with peeled soft-boiled eggs that finish cooking in the oven. The result: A crowd-pleasing savory pie that can double as a centerpiece dish. This recipe will be available in our July issue, but for now, try these handheld Palestinian Spinach Pies, which are equally tasty and just as interesting.

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