With her latest eye-catching designs, Lulu deKwiatkowski is decorating the world with butterflies, flowers and peacocks.

A Visual Autobiography

Courtesy of LULU DK

A Visual Autobiography (above)
Collages from deKwiatkowski’s book, Lulu, are now on sale as prints. Hello Minerva is named for her grandmother (in swim cap), a former model. From $150;

Claim to Fame: Nature-inspired fabrics for her Lulu DK line.
“Growing up in the Hamptons and the Bahamas, I was surrounded by nature and the beach. That’s where I get most of my design and color inspirations.”

Lulu deKwiatkowski

Courtesy of LULU DK

Trompe L’Oeil Style
DeKwiatkowski’s designs reflect her time in Paris studying trompe l’oeil, a style of painting that aims for photographically realistic detail. It’s her signature look, for everything from fabrics and wallpaper to rugs, linens and china. “I still hand-paint all my designs. I never use a ruler or a computer.”

Newest Project
A trip to the Santa Anita racetrack in California inspired her new Byzantine china collection, decorated with flowers, butterflies and peacocks. “My family has always bred and raced horses. One day, my sister took me to the Santa Anita racetrack, and we drove through a neighborhood that had peacocks all over the place—in backyards, on cars, on roofs. For all the exotic places I’ve traveled, I’d never seen anything like it.”

Lulu on the Web
“This month, we’re doing a pop-up with Gilt ( offering pillows, puffs, chairs and wall decals.” Clic Gallery ( is also selling framed collages from deKwiatkowski’s visual autobiography, Lulu. One of those collages is called Hello Minerva. “My grandmother Minerva was a top model in her time. I felt like she was sitting next to me while I was creating all the collages for my book, so that’s why I am saying hello to her.”

Lulu deKwiatkowski

Courtesy of LULU DK



From Plates to Linens

Lulu DK’s Mari fabric can be used indoors or out. $78 per yd;

Nature inspires Lulu DK’s Petals collection of porcelain plates (from $90 for a set of four) and Butterfly table linens (from $72).


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