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The latest edition of F&W Cocktails focuses on classic drinks and mixologists’ updates. Here, the Sidecar as interpreted by Jonny Raglin of San Francisco’s Comstock Saloon (Comstock Saloon, 155 Columbus Ave., San Francisco; 415-617-0071).

The Classic: Sidecar
Experts say this delicious, überclassic cocktail, made with Cognac and sweetened with Grand Marnier, dates back to the 1930s.

The Twist: Cherry Slidecar
Raglin’s variation of the sidecar is infused with three layers of cherry flavor: cherry bitters, cherry liqueur and a brandied cherry garnish.

The Reinvention: Bondage
Raglin punches up his exceptional sidecar variation with overproof whiskey and apple brandy, plus ginger and pear liqueurs.

The Mocktail: Steve McQueen
A potent gingery vinegar syrup flavors Raglin’s excellent nonalcoholic version of the classic sidecar cocktail.

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