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Book-fair nerds (what, you don't remember the most exciting part of elementary school?) will be psyched about a Food Book Fair launching in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, on May 4. The three-day event will feature panel discussions with celebrated authors, including food-science writer Harold McGee, Lucky Peach co-editor (with chef David Chang) Peter Meehan and nutrition expert Dr. Marion Nestle. Topics will focus on food culture and politics, sustainability, urban agriculture and gastronomy. Between discussions, bookworms will be able to shop for everything from cookbooks and food magazines to books on urban design and agriculture.

"I kind of can't believe this hasn't happened yet," says founder Elizabeth T. Jones. True words, considering the borough's well-documented obsessions with eating, reading about food and discussing food. Jones is currently raising money for the project, which she hopes to take to other cities, through Kickstarter. (She must reach $275,000 in the next 15 days to get the extra backing.) More information and tickets are available at

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