13 Star Chefs Share Their New Year’s Resolutions

You’re not the only one making New Year’s resolutions. Here, 13 amazing chefs share their goals for 2015, from eating better breakfasts to demanding “swoosh-free” plating.

You’re not the only one making New Year’s resolutions. Here, 13 amazing chefs share their goals for 2015, from eating better breakfasts to demanding “swoosh-free” plating.

“Switch back to oatmeal for breakfast from my year of eating eggs every morning. Then I’m going to eat all fish all the time, meats on the weekend and no refined sugar.” —Michael Chernow; The Meatball Shop in New York City

“I’m going to live on juices, fish, fresh fruit and low-starch vegetables for at least a month to get that bathing suit body back.” —Daniel Holzman; The Meatball Shop in New York City

“To have swoosh-free kitchens. Have you ever seen when a chef takes a dollop and swooshes it out on the plate? I’d like to work with my team to eliminate that—it’s gotten a bit overdone.” —Ford Fry; The Optimist, No. 246, JCT. Kitchen & Bar, St. Cecilia and King + Duke in Atlanta

“When I traveled in Italy to research my book, Pasta by Hand, I was thrilled to visit different families, homes and restaurants where I learned age-old recipes and authentic methods. One of my 2015 goals is to continue on that path, learning from people of all different cuisines and cultures—whether it be traditional carne guisada from Puerto Rico or sashimi from Japan.” —Jenn Louis; Lincoln and Sunshine Tavern in Portland, OR

“I’m determined to continue exploring more foods outside of my kitchens. My family moved to Long Island City two years ago, and we recently embarked on a food tour of Queens that included everything from made-to-order dumplings in Flushing, West Indian chickpea doubles in Ridgewood, fresh corn tortillas in Corona and Egyptian food in Astoria.” —Gabriel Thompson; dell’anima, L’Artusi, Anfora and L’Apicio in New York City

“Recipe test my own take on veggie burgers for my family, so that we have a healthier New Year.” —Katherine Thompson; dell’anima, L’Artusi and L’Apicio in New York City

“Perfect my noodle-making skills. I’m going to bring my Italian pasta maker into the restaurant to make different flavored pasta like nori, burnt onion and green tea.” —Patricia Yeo; Khong River House in Miami

“Eat less late-night crap.” —Ken Oringer; Clio, Uni, Toro and Coppa in Boston

“Wake up earlier and eat a healthy breakfast.” —Jamie Bissonnette; Toro in New York City and Boston

“In 2015, even if I go out to dinner, I will try to stay away from high-calorie dishes or simply eat less and cut down on alcohol.” —Masaharu Morimoto; Morimoto in New York City and Philadelphia

“Regional travel is high on my list of must-dos in 2015. There are so many hidden gems here in the middle-south of the country—bakeries, culinary antique shops, farmers, ham and sausage makers, the list goes on!” —Levon Wallace; Proof on Main in Louisville, KY

“Spend some much-needed time away with my wife, Lindsay. I’m looking forward to taking our first vacation together since we opened Recette in 2009 (and since then getting married, having two kids and opening The Gander).” —Jesse Schenker; Recette and The Gander in New York City

“Spend more time with my family, keep up with my boxing and get Townsman open!” —Matt Jennings; Townsman in Boston

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