11 Ways to Turn Regular Party Foods into Extra-Spooky Halloween Dishes

From green-guts pasta to grave-digger’s salad, here are 11 ways to make regular food and drinks appear especially spooky for Halloween.

From green-guts pasta to grave-digger’s salad, here are 11 ways to make regular food and drinks appear especially spooky for Halloween.

1. Turn cheese into a spider. Sautéed shallots and feta cheese flavor this simple spread, which can be formed into any spooky creature. Roll the spread in black sesame seeds and add painted twigs for legs to make the perfect spider.

2. Embrace food coloring. Make a green-guts pasta by boiling white fusilli in water laced with green food coloring before tossing it with green vegetables and a basil-mint pesto. Or, use orange food coloring for delicious black-and-orange cookies or these mini spiced pumpkin cakes.

3. Make use of ribs. Though they’re slightly difficult to find in butcher shops, beef back ribs have an uncanny resemblance to human ribs. David Burtka braises them in Coca-Cola, then brushes them with homemade barbecue sauce before grilling.

4. Use lots of green herbs for a spooky monster slime. Made with parsley, tarragon and chives, this creamy dip is perfect for Halloween gags.

5. Dress up Halloween punch with floating eyeballs. This fantastic take on Dark and Stormy punch features eyeball ice cubes made with lychee syrup and lychees stuffed with brandied cherries.

6. Use Japanese seaweed for worms. Dried hijiki seaweed mixed with fried tofu and thinly sliced carrots makes a delicious Halloween salad that just happens to look like worms in a freshly dug grave.

7. Make creepy fingers using almonds. These cheesy crackers can be shaped into witch fingers, with slices of almond pressed onto the ends for fingernails.

8. Turn chicken wings into scary bat wings. David Burtka glazes chicken wings with a Chinese black-bean sauce and arranges them to appear in-flight.

9. Serve dumplings in beakers. These wrinkly pork dumplings look like brains, especially when displayed in science-lab beakers.

10. Use pomegranate juice for a vampire-friendly cocktail. Pomegranate syrup gives this fun take on a margarita its deep red color.

11. Turn pound cake into ghost pops. Cover these easy cake pops in white chocolate and add ghoulish faces with an edible decorating pen or dots of black frosting.

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