10 Simple Tofu Recipes for Beginner Vegetarians

Don't fear tofu!

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and go vegetarian. Here's some advice: Don't be scared of tofu! Though you might be used to thinking of it as a stand-in for meat, tofu is at its most delicious when it does its own thing. Here are a few supersimple, crazy-tasty recipes to get you started.

1. Crunchy Tofu Tacos 

These quick, crispy tacos are stuffed with fried tofu, crunchy peanuts, kimchi and Asian pear.

2. Vegetarian Butter Tofu 

Soft tofu, which is similar to the Indian cheese paneer, makes for a vegetarian-friendly variation on the traditional Indian butter chicken recipe.

3. Glazed Tofu-Mushroom Salad 


Ketchup helps form a sweet glaze on both the mushrooms and the tofu in this fast, warm salad.

4. Scrambled Tofu with Potatoes, Mushrooms and Peppers 

This silky mix of mushrooms, potatoes, roasted bell peppers and tofu is topped with brightly flavored pesto sauce.

5. Teriyaki Tofu 

Get a ton of flavor with minimal effort with this simple combination of crisped tofu and homemade teriyaki.

6. Sriracha-Garlic Tofu with Mint 

This super-easy dish gets amped up with spicy Sriracha sauce and cooled with fresh mint and cilantro.

7. Vegan Tofu Biryani 

Made with fragrant basmati rice and aromatic spices, this healthy biryani smells as good as it tastes.

8. Miso and Shiitake Mushroom Tofu 

Shiitake mushrooms add a woodsy, earthy flavor to this rich miso and seared tofu dish.

9. Tofu, Kale & Cherry Tomatoes in White Wine Sauce 

To make this superfast dish, you simmer kale and cherry tomatoes in a white wine sauce before adding crispy tofu.

10. Curried Pan-Seared Tofu with Bell Peppers 

Pan seared tofu and crunchy bell peppers are especially delicious when simmered in a soupy coconut curry sauce.


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