10 Quick Midnight Snacks if That V-Day Date Didn't Go As Planned

Food is the best back-up plan.

If you find yourself home early on Valentine's Day, all is not lost. From two-minute guacamole to crispy, bacon candy, here are 10 fast snacks that will (almost) make up for a bad date.

1. Sesame-Chile Kettle Corn

Watching a rom-com solo is better with this sweet-and-salty kettle corn, which gets a fiery kick from whole red chiles.

2. Two-Minute Guacamole

True to its name, this guacamole takes less than two minutes to make. It may also disappear in two minutes.

3. Spiced Pita Chips

These crunchy chips are sprinkled with za'atar, the Middle Eastern spice blend made with sumac, sesame seeds and dried herbs.

4. Midnight Tortas

Roy Choi's late-night sandwich features fried eggs, spinach, pork belly and roasted jalapeños.

5. Garlic Bread

Ready in just 10 minutes, this garlicky bread is great on its own.

6. Three-Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Grilled cheese is the ultimate comfort food, and this version has three different melty cheeses.

7. Bacon Candy

This three-ingredient snack is crispy, sweet and salty.

8. Banana-Nutella S'Mores

This classic, all-American dessert will help you forget a bad date.

9. Toasted Bread and Bittersweet Chocolate

7 minutes is all you need for these fantastic melted chocolate toasts.

10. Chocolate Frosting

Skip the cupcakes and just make the luscious frosting.

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