The 10 Most Romantic Pastas

By F&W Editors Posted February 13, 2016

Not just any pasta will do for Valentine’s Day.

Treat your favorite dining partner to an ultra-luxe dinner with one of these beautiful and indulgent pasta recipes.

1. Pasta with Salmon Caviar

Food & Wine:

Juicy salmon eggs add a delicate crunch to this luxurious pasta dish.

2. Pasta with Robiola and Truffles

Food & Wine:

This indulgent first course marries three of Italy's best ingredients: egg pasta, winter truffles and Robiola Rocchetta, a creamy cheese from northern Italy, which forms the base for an incredibly rich sauce.

3. Beet Gnocchi with Walnut-Sage Butter

Food & Wine:

Jenn Louis (an F&W Best New Chef 2012) found these intense beet gnocchi in northwestern Italy. They are sweet and earthy and so delicious; they barely need a sauce.

4. Parsnip Triangoli with Aged Balsamic Vinegar

Food & Wine:

Nothing says love like fresh, homemade pasta.

5. Classic Spaghetti and Meatballs

Food & Wine:

Take a tip from Lady and the Tramp and share one big bowl of this old-school pasta.

6. Fresh Fettuccine with Chicken-Liver Sauce

Food & Wine:

A little sherry deepens the rich flavor of this silky pasta.

7. Lobster Capellini with Leek-Tarragon Cream Sauce

Food & Wine:

This ultra-buttery pasta gets a hint of sweetness and color from shredded beets.

8. Spaghetti with Clams and Crispy Bread Crumbs

Food & Wine:

The secret ingredient in this beautifully simple pasta dish? Bottarga, tuna roe that’s been salted, pressed and dried.

9. Red-Wine Spaghetti with Walnuts and Parsley

Food & Wine:

Who knew that basic dried pasta, simply boiled in red wine, could develop such complex flavor?

10. Shrimp Fra Diavolo with Vermicelli

Food & Wine:

The thin strands of pasta soak up this spicy tomato sauce to form a flavorful mound punctuated with shrimp.

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