The 10 Greatest Fruity Margaritas

Here, 10 fruity margaritas.

In this week’s video from Panna, bartender extraordinaire Jim Meehan revealed how to make a perfect margarita with lime juice, tequila and agave syrup. It’s a classic cocktail, unadulterated by any gimmicks. Sometimes that’s exactly what you want. But then there are the times when you want an extra hit of fruit in your drink. Here, 10 fruity margaritas that will satisfy those cravings.

1. Mango Margarita
This frozen margarita is served in a glass rimmed with spicy chile powder instead of the traditional salt.

2. Blood Orange Margaritas
Chef Dean Fearing refers to this drink as the “fall margarita.”

3. Blueberry Margarita
Muddled blueberries and orange bitters give this cocktail terrific depth of flavor.

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4. Tamarind Margarita
This extra-fruity cocktail is made with both tamarind pulp and orange juice.

5. Pomegranate Margaritas
Pomegranate juice makes for an extra-tart cocktail.

6. Pear-Cilantro Margarita
Pear and cilantro is an unusual but delicious flavor combination.

7. Blackberry-Mint Margarita
This is the perfect summer margarita.

8. Grilled-Citrus Margaritas
Grilling the limes and lemons before juicing them makes the juice subtly smoky.

9. Tangerine Margaritas
Tangerine juices adds a citrusy sweetness without adding sugar.

10. Strawberry Margarita
This margarita gets a double dose of strawberry: The fruit is both muddled into the cocktail and infused into the tequila.

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