10 Fruit Vinaigrettes for People Who Hate Fruit Vinaigrettes

Made fresh at home, fruit vinaigrettes are delicious. Here, 10 recipes to try.

You may not think you like fruity vinaigrettes. But that’s probably because the last one you had was raspberry dressing poured from a small plastic tub onto an airplane salad. Made fresh at home, fruit vinaigrettes are delicious. Here, 10 recipes to try. Make them using these great tips from cookbook author Melissa Clark.

1. Smoky Orange Vinaigrette
Sweetened with marmalade, this bold dressing from Bobby Flay is best with grain salads or grilled meat.

2. Grilled Lemon Vinaigrette
This charred, tart vinaigrette is perfect for summer salads.

3. Mandarin Vinaigrette
Fresh, sweet and tangy, this dressing calls for fresh mandarin juice.

4. Date Vinaigrette
Finely chopped dates in cider vinegar lend a lovely, subtle sweetness to this dressing.

5. Passion Fruit Vinaigrette
Fresh passion fruit juice, orange juice and lime juice come together in this tropical dressing.

6. Lime-Garlic Vinaigrette
The perfect, tangy dressing for seafood salads.

7. Apple Vinaigrette
This fall-flavored vinaigrette gets a terrific spice from cinnamon.

8. Persimmon Vinaigrette
A coarsely chopped, very ripe persimmon is the focus of this perfumed dressing.

9. Raspberry Vinaigrette
This dressing calls for raspberry preserves, so it's easy to make any time of year.

10. Cranberry Vinaigrette
Fresh cranberries and cranberry juice give this vinaigrette a delicious tartness.

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