The 10 Dos and Don'ts of Eating Pizza in Rome

Courtesy of St. Martin’s Griffin
Here, Elizabeth Minchilli’s cardinal rules for pizza eating, Roman-style, from her new travel guide, Eating Rome.

The sacred tenets of pizza eating, Roman-style, from Elizabeth Minchilli’s comprehensive new travel guide, Eating Rome.

Do: Keep your pizza all to yourself at a pizzeria. Individual pies are not intended for sharing.
Don't: Eat with your hands at a sit-down pizzeria. Use your knife and fork.

Do: Take a stroll while eating pizza bianca or gelato.
Don't: Eat pizza on the steps of a church or fountain. You may be arrested.

Do: Eat pizza bianca immediately. “You want it so hot you can barely hold it,” explains Minchilli.
Don't: Expect pizza bianca to come topped with anything other than olive oil. It is essentially baked pizza dough.

Do: Order birra alla spina (beer on tap) like Peroni or Moretti.
Don't: Drink wine with pizza (unless you want to stick out).

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