$1 Happy Meal

Maureen Dowd supposedly says that the New York Times is the best entertainment you can get for $1. (I agree.) In that spirit, I think the best snack you can get for a buck is the Original, the one constant menu item at Dish, a new and supremely cool small-plates restaurant in Edwards, which is 10 minutes down I-70 from Vail in Colorado. It’s based on the classic Spanish tapas that consists of a slice of serrano ham draped over a glass of fino sherry (allegedly to keep the flies out of the drink). At Dish, chef Jenna Johansen sets a piece of Manchego cheese on the serrano ham that covers a demitasse cup of fino, making it even more of a bargain than, say, the Times on Wednesdays, which includes both Dowd's bi-weekly column and the now excellent Dining In section.

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