5 Ways to Celebrate National IPA Day

Raise a glass of the country's hoppiest beer. 

As of 2015, IPAs accounted for over a quarter of all craft beer sales in America. Here, five ways to celebrate one of the nation's most popular beer styles.

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1. Find your state's best IPA.

© Marty Shutter

We've gathered 50 amazing standouts.

2. Drink outdoors


New open-air beer gardens are popping up all over the country; check out the summer's best new openings.

3. DIY beer cocktails.

Try this refreshing, spritzy drink.

Or this ginger-spiked Michelada

4. Pair IPA with oysters.

Want a refreshing beer to pair with chilled oysters? Expert Charles Antin loves S.I.P.A. Session IPA.  "At 3.9 percent ABV, you can drink it all day, and the hops are lemony enough that the oysters don’t need a garnish."

5. Cook with IPA. 

Star chef Andrew Zimmern makes an IPA-spiked sauce for his delicious clam and lobster enchiladas

© Madeleine Hill

Or try this fantastic orange-and-ale vinaigrette, which highlights the beer's lighter side. 

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