Holy Happy Hour

Courtesy Birra Nursia
Monastery brewhouses have been in Europe since the Middle Ages—and now they've finally made their way to Italy. 

Belgium’s Trappists have brewed beer for centuries. Now Italy’s monks are praying for similar success.

Birra Nursia

To help support their 10th-century Umbrian monastery, the Benedictines started producing a refreshing blonde ale and a Belgian-style “strong” ale. Now they’re shipping to the US. $15 for 750 ml; birranursia.com.

Tre Fontane Abbey

Cistercian monks set up a microbrewery inside their ancient Roman abbey last year. They make Italy’s first Trappist-certified beer, using eucalyptus from trees on the grounds. $14 for 750 ml; holyart.com.

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