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Best American Artisans

F&W spotlights incredible artisans across America, including expert cheesemakers, bakers, farmers and knife forgers. Name your favorite talents and products using #FWArtisans

Food & Wine Presents: Food Curated

We teamed up with James Beard Award-winning videographer
Liza de Guia of Food Curated to go behind-the-scenes
with some of our favorite artisans.

9 American Farms Changing the Way We Eat
  Discover the modern American farm, led by a new generation of farmers giving DIY classes, hosting pop-up shops and serving terrific meals made with ultrafresh ingredients.
The New Wood Artisans

The New Wood Artisans

Some of America's best young woodworkers are following family tradition while others have fine-arts training. Whatever their backgrounds, these artisans are all about a DIY sensibility.

The Locavore Empire of Anya Fernald

The Locavore Empire of Anya Fernald

With a slew of exciting food projects—including a pastured-beef ranch, a chain of butcher shops and a beautiful eco-lodge—entrepreneur Anya Fernald is trying to turn the locavore trend into a permanent way of life.

Maple’s New Mavericks
Editor Obsessions

Maple’s New Mavericks

The people behind Crown Maple defy convention, both in how they make syrup and how they use it. Here, their best savory recipes—including the sensational Maple-Bourbon Smash.