Winning Sides | Thanksgiving Recipes by Bob Chambers

Bob Chambers creates six dishes to team with turkey.

But I've found that I can indulge myself in good conscience with six delicious side dishes that are reassuringly low in fat. Instead of candying the sweet potatoes, I oven roast them to intensify their flavor, then puree them and spike them with bourbon. Acorn squash gets a similar treatment: roasted, then mashed and mixed with baked cinnamon-dusted apples. To give the most traditional meal of the year a less conventional twist, I toss pungent Calamata olives and sun-dried tomatoes with tender roasted fennel. And to make my favorite creamy wild rice, I replace cream with a rich-tasting sauce made from whole and skim milk.

Bob Chambers is the executive chef for Lancôme/L'Oréal in New York City.

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