Who Are the Next Culinary Stars?

Food & Wine Magazine Picks America's Best New Chefs
The Celebrity Chefs of Tomorrow Are Revealed at Food & Wine's Best New Chefs Event in NYC.

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Food & Wine Magazine's Best New Chefs in America 2002

Grant Achatz, Trio, Chicago, IL
Hugh Acheson, Five & Ten, Athens, GA
Michael Anthony, Blue Hill, New York, NY
Dan Barber, Blue Hill, New York, NY
Laurent Gras, Fifth Floor, San Francisco, CA
John Harris, Lilette, New Orleans, LA
Thomas John, Mantra, Boston, MA
Deborah Knight, Mosaic, Scottsdale, AZ
Mark Sullivan, Village Pub, Woodside, CA
Fabio Trabocchi, Maestro, McLean, VA
Suzanne Tracht, Jar, Los Angeles, CA

Daniel Boulud, George Germon and Johanne Killeen, Gordon Hamersley, Hubert Keller, Robert McGrath Bruce Auden David Bouley, Tom Colicchio, Rocco DiSpirito, Todd English, Thomas Keller, Nobu Matsuhisa Michael Romano

Food & Wine
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