White Pinot Noir: A Case Study

Wine color comes from grape skins, not flesh. That's how winemakers produce white wines from red grapes—by getting rid of the skins early in fermentation. Here, five top bottlings.

2009 Novy Blanc de Noir ($24)

Novy, known for its big California reds, recently branched out with this juicy white Pinot from Oregon.

Vercesi del Castellazzo Gugiarolo ($24)

Italy's Lombardy region has a long tradition of making whites from Pinot Noir. This silky, almondy bottling comes from vineyards near the Po.

2007 Tesch Dunkelblau ($30)

This Spätburgunder—the German term for Pinot Noir—has the pale gold color of straw, with savory lees notes and luscious fruit.

NV Duc de Romet Brut Prestige Champagne ($36)

An unusual Blanc de Noirs, Romet is three-quarters Pinot Meunier and one-quarter Pinot Noir, resulting in a rich, spicy depth.

2007 Domaine Serene Coeur Blanc ($75)

Domaine Serene makes this white version of Pinot Noir using techniques borrowed from white Burgundy: aging on lees (i.e., spent yeasts) and barrel fermentation. The result is a lightly oaky white with notes of figs and wild strawberries.

Finding the Best Pinot Noir:

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