Where to Sleep and Eat in St. Bart’s

Perfect places to dine and stay when visiting the Caribbean island of St. Bart’s.


Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Easy Island Cooking

Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Easy Island Cooking on St. Bart’s

Where To Eat

Le Tamarin

Named for the tamarind tree growing out of its patio, this laid-back restaurant serves light bistro dishes like grilled tuna and roast chicken; customers can relax in hammocks while they wait for a table.

Maya’s Restaurant

Maya and Randy Gurley’s casual French-Creole waterfront restaurant and its take-out branch, Maya’s to Go (close to the airport), are beloved for local, seasonal dishes like tomato-mango salad; the menu also changes every day.

Where To Stay

Hotel Carl Gustaf

Perched on the hillside overlooking Gustavia’s harbor, this famous luxe hotel has a new spa and restaurant, with French-influenced dishes from Emmanuel Motte, formerly chef of Maya’s to Go.

Hotel les Mouettes

The simple bungalows in this value-priced hotel are steps from low-key Lorient Beach, which is popular with surfers.

Wimco Villas

This agency, which rents villas throughout the Caribbean and Europe, recently began offering in-villa cooking classes at all of its 270 St. Bart’s properties.

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