The Glories of Greece

Sommeliers dream of visiting the Peloponnese peninsula and the island of Santorini in Greece, not only for the beaches and seafood but also for the wines. Says Laura Maniec of BR Guest Restaurant Group in New York City, “In Greece, the warm climate and volcanic ash in the soil contribute to making Old World, mineral-laden wines with complexity and concentration.” Here, three fantastic Greek wines that Maniec loves.

Greek Wines to Try

2006 Skouras Grand Cuvée Nemea ($26)

This medium-bodied Peloponnese red is cherry-scented and very versatile with food.

2008 Gaia Thalassitis Assyrtiko ($28)

The Assyrtiko grape makes refreshing wines, like this floral white from the Peloponnese.

2008 Sigalas Barrel Assyrtiko ($30)

This lemony white from Santorini is aged in oak barrels, giving it great depth of flavor.

Wine Advice & Pairings:

More Tips from Top Sommeliers:

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