Veracruz Black Book

How to Get There
Mexicana Airlines (800-531-7921) and Aeromexico (800-237-6639) both have several flights daily from Mexico City to Veracruz City.

Recommended Restaurants
Veracruz Gran Café de la Parroquia (34 Gómez Farías; 011-52-29-32-2584), a local institution, is the place for breakfast, afternoon coffee and conversation or a late-night bite.

Boca del Río Las Brisas del Mar (310 Zamora; 011-52-29-86-2171) is my favorite restaurant in all of Veracruz. It makes the best rendition of local specialties like filete de pescado relleno (baked stuffed fish).

Coatepec Restaurant Casa Bonilla (20 Juárez; 011-52-28-16-0374) is a festive lunch spot. Try the camarones en salsa verde (shrimp in green sauce), with hojasanta, a local herb.

Xalapa Churrería del Recuerdo (158 Victoria; 011-52-28-18-1678). This charming restaurant is a traditional supper place featuring the typical cooking of the highlands. Try the great hot chocolate and fresh fruit drinks.

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