Unusual Wine Branding

Marilyn Merlot may have been the first to marry clever merchandising to fine wine. Now, winemakers (and their gifted sales teams) have found as many ways to help their bottles stand out on store shelves as there are varietals from which to make them. Car enthusiasts and horror fans, frequent flyers and overworked housewives, take note: There is now a wine made just for you.
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Hello Kitty Wine

Hello Kitty Wine
Courtesy of Hello Kitty Wines

Fittingly, Hello Kitty wines like the Kitty Angel White and the Kitty Devil Red can be had in Hello Kitty glasses (decorated with pink rhinestones, of course).

The Deli Garage Grape Battery

Operating out of a former tractor workshop in Germany's Rheingau region, Anthony's Mini Garage Winery's fruit brandies are packaged in metal cans; its wines come in vintage-style bottles with crown caps.

Mad Housewife Chardonnay

Mad Housewife Chardonnay
© Ross Anania

The tagline for Mad Housewife's wines: "What's domestic bliss without a little wine?" Its labels feature a campy 1950s housewife in pink.

Boarding Pass Shiraz

Wine importer Dan Philips paired up with designer Chuck House to create genius wine labels that mimic airline boarding passes—"luggage tag" included.

Neil Ashmead GTS Grand Tourer Shiraz

Neil Ashmead GTS Grand Tourer Shiraz
Courtesy of Killibinbin

This red from Australia's Barossa winemaking region reflects Elderton Wines co-founder Neil Ashmead's twin passions: wine and cars. The screw cap brilliantly features a 6-speed gear stick.

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