Andrew Zimmern's Favorite Twin Cities Restaurants

Andrew Zimmern, host of Bizarre Foods and an F&W contributing editor, moved to Minneapolis in the early ’90s. “When I got here, salt and ketchup were radical seasonings,” he says. Here are some of Zimmern’s beloved Twin Cities spots.

Minneapolis: Butcher and the Boar

Jack Riebel and Peter Botcher recently opened this stunning gastropub for bourbon geeks, where they serve wild pig in a dozen different ways.

Minneapolis: Heidi’s

Stewart Woodman (an F&W Best New Chef 2006) serves terrific American food; the most sought-after seats are at the kitchen table.

St. Paul: Hmong Market

America’s best little-known ethnic market (the Hmong are from Asia’s China-Vietnam-Laos region), with countless fruit and vegetable stalls and rustic, insanely delicious dishes in the food court. From Hmong sausage to made-to-order papaya salad and hearty pho, it’s my top lunch spot in town.

Minneapolis: La Belle Vie

Tim McKee (an F&W Best New Chef 1997) and chef de cuisine Mike DeCamp continue to set the gold standard for local fine dining. The bar’s couches are the city’s best date-night spot.

Minneapolis: Piccolo

Chef Doug Flicker cooks things that make my knees buckle. I routinely order two servings of his pickled pig feet with truffles and scrambled egg.

Minneapolis: Quang Restaurant

The best place to grab a bowl of pho and a steamed pork bun with quail egg.

St. Paul: Que Nha

Complex, clean-flavored food from a singular Vietnamese café. Dozens of “roll your own” spring roll options are some of the best I’ve tasted in the US.

Minneapolis: Sea Change

Chef Jamie Malone is a star at McKee’s sustainable seafood place in the Jean Nouvel–designed Guthrie Theater. Try the bouillabaisse.

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