Turkey Soup & Chardonnay

For an all-American pairing, match a bright California Chardonnay with a robust turkey soup made from Thanksgiving leftovers.

Perfect Wine Match

This all-American soup recipe finds its ideal partner in an all-American Chardonnay, particularly a rich California variety that has plenty of bright fruit to contrast with the robust, earthy broth, turkey and vegetables. Ridge's 2001 bottling ($30) from the Santa Cruz Mountains has the concentration and power of many full-bodied reds, but with pear and yellow-apple notes that provide a wonderful counterpoint to the savory flavors of the turkey and cooked vegetables. Another excellent choice is the 2001 Santa Barbara Winery Chardonnay ($14), from cool-climate vineyards near California's south-central coast; its aromas of vanilla and lively tropical fruit will add an exotic note to the familiar, homey flavors of the soup.

—Richard Nalley

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