Travel | Natural High - Montage Resort & Spa, Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach, possibly the most heartbreakingly gorgeous stretch of coastline in California, has just become even more irresistible. Montage Resort & Spa, perched right on the bluff, offers stunning vistas from every room—and from the tables at Studio, the oceanfront restaurant, where the talented James Boyce (formerly of Mary Elaine's in Scottsdale, Arizona) is now cooking. The Arts & Crafts hotel showcases natural materials—stone, dark wood, copper—and a prominent collection of art from early in the 20th century, including works by William Wendt, Jean Mannheim and the other plein air painters who put this area on the map. In case that's not enough, the spa features beachside yoga (30801 South Coast Hwy.; 949-715-6000 or
-Kate Sekules

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