The Hungry Crowd: Dave Matthews

Food & Wine's food-obsessed fraternity grows with this month's new members: musician Dave Matthews, who went to Sonoma to help create his just-released Dreaming Tree wine, and California-based actor/director/organic farmer Emilio Estevez.

Dave Matthews's Dream Wine

"I have friends who are tiny winemakers and friends who are big ones. Some people feel like the two can't coexist, but this Dreaming Tree project I worked on in Sonoma with Simi Winery's Steve Reeder felt small while being big. I connected to Steve as someone who is passionate about his job and also really into music. He was deep in his element when blending, while all I could do was try the wine and say, 'It tastes good!'"

Dave Matthews on the Worst Thing He's Eaten

"I once ate live termites on a farm in South Africa. They weren't bad, but one got ahold of my lip and fought hard, and I had to stop."

Dave Matthews's Food Picks

Dave Matthews's Food Picks: Thanksgiving
© Quentin Bacon


"We do huge Thanksgivings. I think the record is 80 people. My mom makes my grandmother's onion pie, which is always the first thing to go."

Dave Matthews's Food Picks: Bovril
© Robert Lawson - Photolibrary

Top Import

"I used to always have Bovril in my fridge. It's like beef bouillon in thick syrup, almost a paste. I have it on toast with butter. But they don't import it from the UK these days!"

Dave Matthews's Food Picks: Jimtown Store in Healdsburg
© George Wells

Sonoma Spot

"Jimtown Store in Healdsburg is a great little farm store. It has such a nice vibe, and an amazing pulled-pork sandwich— but what I really love is the rich chocolate pudding."

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