The Best Mixed Drinks Recipes

Food & Wine’s best mixed drink recipes.

6 Variations on Mixed Drinks

  1. Somerset Sidecar
  2. Bar manager Tad Carducci was inspired to create this holiday sidecar by the bowls of apples, oranges and nuts that his mom sets out around the house before Christmas.

  3. Ultimate Mojito
  4. Ryan McGrale’s take on the mojito is made with an intense mint syrup.

  5. Maria’s Margarita
  6. Mixologist Todd Thrasher created this margarita to entice his wife into visiting him at PX, the 1920s-style speakeasy above the restaurant Eamonn’s: A Dublin Chipper.

  7. Manhattan
  8. According to popular legend, this cocktail was created at the Manhattan Club in 1874.

  9. Martini
  10. This recipe is adapted from the version in George Kappeler’s 1895 Modern American Drinks.

  11. Daiquiri
  12. This century old classic was invented in the seaside village of Daiquirí, near Santiago de Cuba.

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