The Best Beer Can Chicken Recipes

Beer Can Chicken

Beer Can Chicken

Propping a whole chicken on an open can of beer and slow-roasting it on the grill may seem a bit wacky, but the result is incredible.

More Grilled and Roasted Chicken Recipes

Whole Grilled Chicken with Wilted Arugula

“I don’t care if you’re sophisticated, with a boatload of money,” says Thomas Keller, “roasted chicken makes you feel wonderful.”

Grill-Smoked Whole Chicken

After grilling Kerry Simon’s steak, you can use the hot coals to smoke this chicken or set up a new fire, as in this recipe.

Roasted Herb Chicken with Morels and Watercress Salad

Kevin O’Connor, former wine director at Spago restaurant in Beverly Hills, roasts chicken with white wine, whole garlic cloves and plenty of herbs; then he takes some of the fragrant juices left in the pan and mixes them into sautéed morel mushrooms and a lush vinaigrette for watercress.

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