Talking Pigskin: Pork Recipes for NFL Football

Are you ready for some pigskin? Pork recipes, that is. F&W has paired 32 of our most delicious pork dishes with each of the NFL’s 32 teams—from a succulent whole roasted pig for the Washington Redskins, to a creamy clam chowder with corn and bacon for the New England Patriots. Plus: From Tim Love’s take on Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson, to Cleveland Browns believer Michael Symon’s fighting words for his Pittsburgh cousins, some of our favorite chef-fans across the country talk about their NFL teams and tailgating traditions.

Last updated: December, 2008

slideshow AFC Teams’ Pigskin Recipes  |  NFC Teams’ Pigskin Recipes


Chefs on Their Favorite AFC Teams

Chefs on Their Favorite AFC Teams

Bradford Thompson

Chefs on Their Favorite NFC Teams

NFL Teams

AFC East | NFC East | AFC North | NFC North | AFC South | NFC South |
AFC West | NFC West

Roast Bacon-Wrapped Pork

AFC East

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Braised Pork Shanks

NFC East

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Double-Pork, Double-Cheese Burgers

AFC North

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Italian Sausage Heroes with Peppers and Onions

NFC North

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Pulled-Pork Tamales

AFC South

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Shrimp and Chorizo Kebabs

NFC South

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Sausages and Bacon Chops

AFC West

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Dr Pepper–Glazed Ham with Prunes

NFC West

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