Tailgating: Recipes, Wines and Accessories

How to go the extra yard at parking-lot parties.

Top Game-Day Snack Picks

Zingerman’s deli (zingermans.com) is in football-obsessed Ann Arbor, Michigan. Here, owner Ari Weinzweig talks snacks.


Frontera’s new flavors, especially the mango–key lime, are extra zippy. $5 for 16 oz; fronterakitchens.com.

slideshow Plus: Salsa Recipes

Artisanal Cheeses

Montgomery’s English farmhouse cheddar from Neal’s Yard Dairy is aged for at least 12 months. $33 per lb; zingermans.com.

Plus: F&W’s Ultimate Cheese Guide


Native Kjalii Foods’ organic white-corn tortilla chips are thick-cut to hold lots of salsa. $3 per 9-oz bag; sfsalsa.com.

Virginia Ham

Weinzweig says a great country ham, like Edwards’ Wigwam, rivals prosciutto. $70 for a half ham; virginiatraditions.com.

Marseilles Beverage Dispenser

© Gregor Halenda

Partying: Pack a Punch

Roost’s Marseilles Beverage Dispenser holds an astounding 3.5 gallons—ideal for punches. $212; roomservicehome.com.

Plus: Drinks for a Crowd

Sagaform Chromed Bucket Grill

Courtesy of www.aplusrstore.com

Versatile Grill

A handle and removable grate let Sagaform’s “Chromed Bucket” grill carry supplies. $40; aplusrstore.com.

Plus: Gas Grill Buying Guide

Kate Spade mittens

Courtesy of Kate Spade


Kate Spade’s “Hi 5” lambswool mittens keep hands warm during touchdown celebrations. $95; katespade.com.

Poketo bottle opener

© Gregor Halenda

Open Expression

Poketo’s bottle openers mimic fans’ feelings. $14; poketo.com.

Wines for Tailgating

© Gregor Halenda

Tailgating Wines: Best Bottles for Pairing

Gary Vaynerchuck, the quirky webcaster at winelibrarytv.com finds three affordable bottles to complement quintessential tailgating foods.


Tailgating Recipes

Tailgating Recipes: Hot Dogs, Ribs, Bloody Marys and More

Pork Recipes for NFL Teams

Talking Pigskin: Pork Recipes for NFL Teams

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