Sommeliers’ Favorite Italian Wines

F&W asked top sommeliers at three new Italian restaurants to recommend a favorite Italian bottling:

2007 Petrucco Ribolla Gialla ($25)

This Friulian white wine’s lively, crisp acidity and firm mineral and floral notes make it a great partner for lighter pasta dishes. Recommended by Nancy Selzer of Tarry Lodge.

2006 Villa Bucci Pongelli Rosso Piceno ($25)

A fruity, direct red from Italy’s Marche region, Rosso Piceno goes well with earthy flavors like squash, cheese and charcuterie. Recommended by Shelley Lindgren of Urbino.

2007 Terredora di Paolo Fiano di Avellino ($32)

Fiano di Avellino, a smoky and full-bodied white from Campania in southwestern Italy, matches particularly well with zesty seafood dishes of any kind. Recommended by Chris Cannon of Marea.


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