Sleek Kitchen Makeovers

A renovation-minded guide to the most beautiful and functional new tiles, faucets, sinks and furniture for a modern kitchen makeover.
Sleek Kitchen Makeovers
Ola20 offers contemporary furniture options for sleek, modern kitchen makeovers.
Courtesy of Snaidero

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Kitchen Makeovers: Furniture for a Streamlined Kitchen

Kitchen Island (right)

An update of a 20-year-old design, Ola20 from Snaidero preserves the trademark curves of the original Ola (the name is Spanish for "wave"); the white lacquer cabinets add a dose of contemporary Italian minimalism. The most striking addition is an oval quartz island countertop that looks as if it's perfectly balanced on a swooping ash base.

Kitchen Makeovers: All-in-One Kitchen
© Courtesy of Bulthaup

All-In-One Kitchen

Now available in America, Bulthaup's ingenious B2 kitchen set has just three pieces: a workbench for the stove and sink; a pantry for dishes, food and utensils; and a cabinet for appliances. With the doors closed, everything is out of sight; with the doors open, it's all within reach.

Kitchen Makeovers: Bornholm Workstation
© Courtesy of Bornholm Kitchen


Bornholm Kitchen, named for an island southeast of Sweden, is a company created by a mother-daughter team who make furniture in a Scandinavian style. Pieces like the workstation, with a dishwasher drawer, a sink and lots of storage, are handcrafted to order in the US, in either walnut or oak.

Kitchen Makeovers: Tile Upgrades

Kitchen Makeovers: Curvy Tiles
© Courtesy of Artistic Tile


Treble tiles, shown in Coltrane Cream, were inspired by jazz musicians who gave every note a distinctive sound. Curved like sound waves, the glass tiles provide a sense of movement. From $32 per sq ft;


Kitchen Makeovers: Vicente Wolf Tile
© Courtesy of Ann Sacks
Kitchen Makeovers: Glass Mosaic Tile
© Courtesy of Ann Sacks
Kitchen Makeovers: Ann Sacks Tile
© Courtesy of Ann Sacks

A master at spotting trends, Ann Sacks debuts new designs: textured patterns from Vicente Wolf, antiqued mirror tiles and glass mosaics. From $30 per sq ft;

Kitchen Makeovers: Textile-Inspired Tile
© Courtesy of New Ravenna

Textile Inspired

New Ravenna's Loom pattern combines quartz with aquamarine, tanzanite and turquoise glass to create a pattern that resembles woven fabric. From $184 per sq ft;

Kitchen Makeovers: Lacy Tile
© Courtesy of Caesarstone


Caesarstone's new Motivo collection looks like delicate floral lace wallpaper, but it's actually embossed quartz stone that's sturdy enough for the kitchen. $100 per sq ft installed;

Kitchen Makeovers: High-Design Faucets

Kitchen Makeovers: Solna Faucet
© Courtesy of Brizo

Hidden Sprayer

A button behind the spout releases a retractable hose, otherwise invisible in the Solna faucet from Brizo. From $399;

Kitchen Makeovers: Trinsic Faucet
© Courtesy of Delta

Touch Technology

The high arc of the Trinsic model from Delta brings a dramatic look to cutting-edge sensor-faucet technology. The spout turns on with a light tap. From $560;

Kitchen Makeovers: Livello Faucet
© Courtesy of Livello

Modern Shape

The Livello faucet has a striking 90-degree curve and an extra-long pull-out sprayer. The 12-inch height makes filling big pots easy. From $790;

Kitchen Makeovers: Smart Sinks

Kitchen Makeovers: Whitehaven Sink
© Courtesy of Kohler

Perfect Fit

Kohler's Whitehaven sink, available with a 7- or 9-inch apron front, was designed to fit most standard cabinets. From $990;

Kitchen Makeovers: Textured Sink
© Courtesy of Waterworks


Waterworks's oversize utility sink (22 inches wide and 16 inches deep) is made from soapstone, which is hand-scored to create a textured pattern. $8,000;

Kitchen Makeovers: Lenova Bamboo Sink
© Courtesy of Jay J. Rubinic


Lenova uses mature, environmentally friendly bamboo for its durable, undermount double-basin sink. $1,110;

Kitchen Makeovers: Kallista Sink
© Courtesy of Kallista


In this new sink for Kallista, top kitchen designer Mick De Giulio put the drain in the corner to maximize usable sink space and storage under the cabinet. From $1,895;

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PUBLISHED November 2011