Sanjeev Kapoor, India's biggest celebrity chef, is expanding his culinary empire to America. F&W previews his new cookbook.

July 27, 2012


Building Flavor:

Aromatics: Start the chickpeas in spicy tomato gravy by making a paste of fresh ginger, garlic and jalapeños.

Spices: Sauté the ginger-garlic paste with fragrant spices like cumin.

Herbs: Add chickpeas and tomatoes, simmer, then garnish the dish with cilantro.

Video: Watch Sanjeev Kapoor Demonstrate Indian Cooking Techniques

Kapoor's US Cookbook Debut

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How to Cook Indian compiles the chef's top 500 recipes from his more than 140 (!) cookbooks. A highlight: the chapter on northern India's Chinese-inflected cuisine.

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