Road Test: Blenders

With so many blenders boasting souped-up technology, we wondered whether any of the enhanced models are worthwhile. We tested 10 blenders, ranging from basic to high-end; these ranked highest.

Product Staff Comment Interesting Bite
Juiceman Smoothies Blender
"I'd love this for blending hot soups, because it's a weighty machine that doesn't jump around on the counter." The thick blades don't just spin: They twist up and down for more thorough blending.
Waring Pro Bar Blender
"It performs the basic liquefying function very well." The unique cloverleaf shape of the carafe pulls food into the center of the vortex and onto the blades.
Oster In2itive Blender
"Nice, tight cover seal and very well balanced." An LCD screen displays built-in recipes for 40 foods and drinks, such as salsas, smoothies and batters.
KitchenAid Ultra Power Blender
"The design of the seal has improved. It used to be easy to accidentally turn it the wrong way and open up the bottom." The blender is virtually silent when in use, thanks to an extra-powerful motor.
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