R e s t a u r a n t s H o t e l s M a p s N e w s

Room service can go way beyond food. At the W hotels, you can order embroidered sheets exhorting you to "Sleep with Angels." And the Park Hyatt Tokyo will deliver almost anything: a pair of gift-wrapped cuff links, a watch, even a toy.

The Royal Treatment
Verona, Italy, is famed for Romeo and Juliet-- and glorious frescoes. At Palazzo Arzago, a newly restored 15th-century palace near the city, most guest rooms even come with their own private frescoes (800-323-7500).

A Swiss Hideaway
Lake Lucerne's Park Hotel Vitznau kicks off the season by revealing a strange secret: a spruced-up World War II bunker that's available for banquets and overnight stays (011-41-41-399-6060).

Wet Lands
With MapEasy's waterproof guidebook-maps, you can spill rum punch in Aruba or drip mole in Santa Fe--and still not get lost. There are 59 maps in all, covering the planet ($6 each; at bookstores nationwide or call 888-MAP-EASY).

The Reign of Spain
Barcelona has become a hot destination for the culinary in-crowd. On its short list of restaurants to seek out: Ca L'Isidre, Jean Luc Figueras and Casa Leopoldo.

Chow, Baby
This month Michael Chow of the Mr. Chow empire opens his first restaurant in 20 years.Eurochow, in Los Angeles's now-funky Westwood, offers Beijing and Italian cuisine at lower prices than Chow's other places (1099 Westwood Blvd.).

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