Reinventing the Classics

Simple and creative ways to rethink the recipes America loves best, with wines to match.

What's the one quality that makes a Food & Wine recipe different from any other recipe? I'd have to say it's accessible creativity. At the magazine, we specialize in giving delicious twists to the classics everybody loves and craves. And that's what the F&W book Reinventing the Classics is all about: exciting new ideas for the tried-and-true. Perfected by our Test Kitchen and paired with wines in our Tasting Room, the recipes are ideal for the novice who wants to confidently impress as well as the accomplished cook looking to add to an already formidable repertoire.

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Book: Reinventing the Classics

F&W's latest cookbook gives a delicious twist to dozens and dozens of the recipes America loves best. For more information and to buy the book, visit


Reinventing the Classics: Starters & Soups


Reinventing the Classics: Pasta & Grains


Reinventing the Classics: Fish & Seafood


Reinventing the Classics: Poultry


Reinventing the Classics: Meat


Reinventing the Classics: Salads & Vegetables


Reinventing the Classics: Breakfast & Brunch


Reinventing the Classics: Desserts

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